Terran Space

Pirate Allies

Vigdis explains that she came upon a pirate craft laying in wait outside the Ruvar system, and followed them. She figured out their target, and decided to intervene to further her vengeance on her father.

Dag’s bastard daughter did intercept one transport from Jayek with an unexpected cargo – Celeron gas. But, she has not yet figured out the significance of that event, although she was surprised to find it so well guarded by a Khergit Runner, and manned by Khergit spacers.

Vigdis gives the PCs a polite send off to Narviik, vowing to stay in the Ruvar system to be the PC’s eyes and ears in Ruvar.

In orbit around Narvik, PCs are accosted by a “Skien Customs Cutter”. Since such vessels have never been in orbit around Narvik before, this is suspicious.
They are boarded by the Cutter’s Landing party, but fight them off. In the course of the encounter they discover that the Customs Cutter is crewed by Swadian mercenaries. When all is said and done, the PCs have added an armed cutter to their little fleet.

Meanwhile Gunnar and a crew member take the captured pirate cutter down to the planet, intending to walk into the colony proper.

PCs also discovered that Frederik Pohl is now Governor of Narvik. The fate of the previous Governor is unknown.


Who was the last governor?

Pirate Allies
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