Terran Space

Getting Grounded

The bathroom ploy did not work perfectly, but the cousins made their move anyway. The fight was up in the air when a team of Household cadre troops appeared and engaged the guarding troops. Using surprise, they helped overwhelm the remaining Household Guard. There was gunfire, but the cadre was using rubber bullets, so no casualties were fatal.
After some discussion, Kath and Gunnar decided to head down to the compound to link up with Kari and Astrid. The cadre troops escorted them down, but returned to the L5 to resume their post (and protect themselves from recriminations later). Some quick talking and promises from Kath convinced the beaten Household Guard that they should remain quiet about the incident. Even so, this escalation may serve to the up the stakes later….

Meanwhile, Astrid had a short conversation with Baldur Tromvik, the recently dismissed Seneschal. He was quite disturbed to hear the PCs were in the compound, and urged Astrid to leave immediately. He broke the connection abruptly to prevent detection.
Astrid and Kari met up with the now planetside Kath and Gunnar, and compared notes about requests for assistance and the situation in the family.
They also met with their Mech Engineers, and learned that all of their mechs (except Gunnar’s) had been “strapped”, prepared for transport. This essentially renders them inoperable, requiring anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to return to combat readiness. In some cases order were in place to shut down and remove fusion plants for long term storage, which would take the mechs down for weeks. The PCs instructed their mechanics to stall to keep options open.

Astrid then sent Kari to the Summer Residence to check on their mother Halla, who seemed quite out of it during a comms call. Kari sneaked from the compound and hired a charter to the Residence, arriving just at bedtime. She found her mother in quite a drugged up state, and after a night of disagreement and outright subterfuge, stopped the meds to bring her mother back to reality. The next morning, it became painfully clear that Halla had not been allowed to grieve yet.


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