Welcome to Terran Space, a science fiction setting for Savage Worlds featuring battles between giant man-like armored vehicles called Combat Mechs. Players can choose to pilot these huge machines, maintain them, lead the military organizations that use them, or even crew the spacecraft that transport them from world to world.

Mech Space is the slang term for Terran Space, that part of the Milky Way galaxy still colonized by human beings after the collapse of the Terran Empire approximately 210 years ago. The term Mech refers to the ultimate power in that remnant of human dominance, the Combat Mech, a combat vehicle of supreme power, developed and manufactured in the days of the Empire, using technologies and engineering techniques lost when the last Imperial colony ship jumped away from the smoking cinder of Old Earth in the Sol System.
Humanity now squats in the ruins of the Terran Empire, struggling to survive and recover from nearly a century of war and descent into anarchy. Terran space now consists of many populated worlds, arranged into what are essentially feudal kingdoms, the last vestiges of the Imperial system. These kingdoms are all heavily engaged in gaining ascendance, vying to become the new leader of a revived Empire.

Players are members of a noble household or a mercenary unit still possessing working Combat Mechs. As these machines are the ultimate combat power in the known galaxy, this opens many opportunities for gathering power and wealth, or perhaps just standing for order against the myriad forces of chaos at work in human space.

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Terran Space

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